Configuring Slave NIS Server

The machine that we are going to configure as a NIS Slave server must be and existing client on the domain.

1. From the master server we have to give the permissions to replicate the data to the slave servers.

Master Server Side

Edit system file
[root@server ~]#nano /var/yp/Makefile
Change NOPUSH = true to NOPUSH = false

• Save (CTRL + O) and Exit (CTRL + X) file

Slave Server Side

On the machine that you are going to configure as the slave server

• Check the necessary RPM’s
[root@server ~]#rpm –q ypserv yp-tools ypbind

• Set the local loopback IP as the NIS server IP to indicate the machine Is going to become NIS server
[root@server ~]#nano /etc/yp.conf
Go to end of file, to a new line and type

• Start the necessary NIS server services
[root@server ~]#service yppasswdd start
[root@server ~]#service ypserv start
[root@server ~]#Service ypxfrd start

[root@server ~]#chkconfig yppasswdd on
[root@server ~]#chkconfig ypserv on
[root@server ~]#chkconfig ypxfrd on

• Now we can back up the master server’s database in to the slave server.
[root@server ~]#/usr/lib/yp/ypinit –s //master server hostname

• Since we have slave servers, now we have to update all the clients with the slave server settings (Client side configuration)
[root@server ~]#nano /etc/yp.conf
domain server // change this line
domain broadcast //after changing