Configuring a FTP Server

1. Check the necessary RPM
#rpm -q vsftp //very secure file transfer protocol daemon

2. Start the FTP Service
#service vsftpd start
#chkconfig vsftpd on

3. The FTP service will be automatically configured in the following two different types
PUBLIC FTP – no username or password necessary
PRIVATE TTP – A valid user name and a password is necessary

If you need any body to access files from your FTP server without given user name and password you will have copy all the files that other people need to download in to /var/ftp folder.

5. Go to web browser and enter the your FTP address //Bind ftp record

create a user account on the FTP server and use that account login in to the FTP server through the web server. You will be automatically log in to the users home folder.
#useradd user1
#passwd user1

7. Go to the browser and type

8. If you wish to disable public FTP
#nano /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf
anonymous-enable = YES Change to anonymous-enable = NO

9. How to restrict unnecessary users through FTP
#nano /etc/vsftpd/ftpusers
user //enter the user name

10. #service vsftpd reload

11. Now enjoy with VSFTPD